Lodgings: Cabins, Camping, Motels, and More

When it comes to lodgings, people who visit the Great Smoky Mountains and the surrounding area have a lot of options. We have attractive, comfortable accommodations available that satisfy both the preferences and the budgets of our visitors. Check out the types of lodgings you can find in the Great Smoky Mountain area.



Renting a cabin is a great option for visitors who want to stay close to nature. There are many rental cabins available in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and elsewhere near Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Rental cabins look rustic from the outside but offer all of the conveniences of home once you pass through the doorway. Many cabins have big-screen televisions, gas-burning fireplaces, plush furnishings, or even Jacuzzis.

Motels and Hotels

Visitors to the Smoky Mountain region who are searching for affordable lodgings may want to opt for a room in a motel or hotel. Many of the hotels and motels surrounding Great Smoky Mountains National Park have swimming pools and spacious rooms complete with a refrigerator, coffeemaker, and microwave.


A bed-and-breakfast is a wonderful option for people who are looking for romantic lodgings with a touch of home. Bed-and-breakfast owners provide guests with warm hospitality and personal service. Visitors can find many appealing bed-and-breakfast establishments located near Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


Visitors have their choice of impressive condominiums to rent in the Smoky Mountains area. Most condos are decorated with modern furnishings and offer guests a variety of amenities, such as gas fireplaces, Jacuzzis, private balconies, and more. This is an ideal option for families traveling together who want to find lodgings that keep them in close proximity to one another.


For visitors who like to be as close to nature as possible, there is the option of staying at a campground. There are several designated camping areas in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Some people choose to camp in the backcountry. These people get the proper permits before hiking and setting up camp in the Smokies. Others choose to camp in the frontcountry. Frontcountry campers stay near their car and have access to public restrooms as well as running water. If you want to fully enjoy all of the sights and sounds of nature, then camping in Great Smoky Mountains National Park may be the choice for you.